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    Re: Cam Cameron got a ring

    As much as I wanted him gone I'm glad he got a ring. As much as I feel he held Joe back the Ravens didn't miss a playoff during his tenure. That deserves respect and recognition.

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    Re: Cam Cameron got a ring

    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbirds80 View Post
    Cam was a big reason we won the Superbowl. It was his offense out there. Also, you put Flacco on another team with a coach that that doesn't understand young QBs (especially with how Flacco was coming out of D-II), and you could have had a different story (arguably worse turnout).

    He is in the perfect place right now where he can nurture young guns where his controlling ways actually benefit development to be become pro-ready.

    Very glad he was able to receive a ring.
    The onlty way that you can mention Cam as a reason we won the super bowl is if you attribute it with his departure. He single-handedly held this team back for the last few years. Anyone that thinks we could have won the super bowl with him calling the plays is mistaken.

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    Re: Cam Cameron got a ring

    Quote Originally Posted by steelerhater View Post
    Anyone that thinks we could have won the super bowl with him calling the plays is mistaken.
    Um, no, that person simply does not agree with your opinion, & frankly I doubt you know anything more about it than most of the rest of us--you're just more insistent on your opinion being right.

    My impression of Cameron as OC is that he was a good deal more flexible & creative in the playoffs--in line with the oft-noted Harbaugh philosophy of minimizing the risk of missing the postseason due to unforced errors in the regular season. In which case it's impossible to say that once at the dance the team would not have taken care of business.

    Remember, he Ravens were a dropped pass away from going to SB46 with Cameron as OC. Does anyone here think they had no chance of beating the Giants?

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    Re: Cam Cameron got a ring

    Quote Originally Posted by LukeDaniel View Post
    It really depends on whose ring it is. The ring belonging to a fired offensive Coordinator probably is worth $5-$10k. Not sure that Cam Cameron's name adds a darn thing to the actual material value of the ring.

    If that was Joe Flacco's or Ray Lewis' or maybe even Ed Reed's ring (not that they would ever hit the market) are probably worth 7-10 times that amount. If you ever watch Pawn Stars, they have old Super Bowl rings all the time on there. If you watch that show, they will tell you that WHO it belongs too means everything. I would think that a ring belonging even to a obscure player off that team (Sean Considine or Morgan Cox for instance) would be worth 12-15k, simply because they actually played in the Super Bowl.
    An Item such as this is worht exactly what soemone will pay for it, less the fees required to find said person(i.e. auction fees or the like).

    More complex and less accurate answer is that the $45-10k estimate is likely a retail estimate of the item, without any "cachet" added in. That is likely to be 1/2 to 1/3rd appraised value(a compeltely worthless number unless the item is stolen) and likely 5-10 times it's raw materials value.
    The only factual, provable answer is it's weight in pure gold, likely less then a whole ounce of pure gold, so roughly $1000. This is an INCREDIBLY soft market for diamonds currently, and none appear to be of "engagement ring size" and therefore have almsot zero wholesale value.

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    Re: Cam Cameron got a ring

    Quote Originally Posted by lobachevsky View Post
    I don't suppose there's a definitive list of who got rings. Not that I would expect one, but I am kinda curious.

    I wonder if there's a ready reference for every player who was on the 53-man at one time or another during the year, or for every player that was active for at least one RS or PO game. I'm curious as to how many players that would come to.

    You'd think that one of those lists would be the basis for which players got rings so that no one would have reason to feel personally slighted. My guess would be that, minimally, the final 53 plus anyone who saw the field for (some minimum number of plays for) the Ravens in a 2012 or regular season game; maximally, anyone who was ever on the 53-man roster during the season. I wonder what the difference in numbers would be.

    (I know I could probably put those lists together from transactions reports and game-day inactives in the game threads, but I don't have the time to accompany my curiosity...)
    I don't know of a definitive list but I can add this, the people who work in the front office all got rings (a friend of mine waits tables at a restaurant and one of the office workers came in and showed it to her. I've seen the photos) and here is one you might be surprised by, Matt Stover was even given a ring this year! My cousin had lunch with him last week and he showed her (and let her wear) both of his rings. He told her that since he is in the Ravens Ring of Honor, he was given one too.

    It sounds like Bisciotti gave EVERYONE who was the least bit connected with the team a ring. I've been told that this is unusual and most teams do not do this. I also think Steve had to foot the bill for all of the (extra?) rings himself.



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