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I guess so.
I think he is saying the Ravens lost their enforcers like LB's being scared to shoot the gaps when RR got the ball bc they knew Leach was coming like when Leach pancaked Patrick Willis. Pollard jacked Hines Ward up in that 35 to 7 blowout in the season opener which put fear in WR'S coming over the middle plus hits he had all season such as the hit in the NE game that caused the RBto fumble. Boldin also threw some vicious blocks such as the 4th and 29. Ray Lewis still had that fear factor eventho he lost a step. The Ravens always had that fear factor and most teams lost before the coin toss. IMO they may have lost that mental edge. We will see who will step up and replace the ones that left. I rather have a smash mouth team like the past Ravens or Steelers over a team built like GB or NE eventho GB n NE has been to the big dance.

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