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    June 1998 - Matt Drudge at the National Press Club

    It's quite a long speech and Q&A, but I found this interesting for several reasons.

    First, Drudge accurately predicted the "citizen reporter" that the advent of the Internet, smart phones, blogs, YouTube enabled.

    Second, the open hostility that was presented by the "mainstream", "established" press. Somewhat understandable because what Drudge was doing was reading them their own obituary.

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    Re: June 1998 - Matt Drudge at the National Press Club

    Check out his website today. All the IRS reporting, the Spying etc. YOu can't find that anywhere else.
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    Re: June 1998 - Matt Drudge at the National Press Club

    It was little websites like Freepers and Newsmax that ruined Dan Rather when the phony memo appeared on Freepers frist and then Newsmax picked it up. None of the mainstream guys reported it but then Fox picked it up from Newsmax and it snowballed Rather out of a job and CBS News is still last or was.

    He was buried on PBS the last time I looked. Katie Couric is the last to go after she
    ambushed Palin and her ratings dropped. Hell, they were bad to begin with.


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