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    Re: Courtney Upshaw's weight issues

    The weight fits his playing style. He is heavy handed and country strong. He's never looked perfect and never will. Those guys were never meant to.
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    Re: Courtney Upshaw's weight issues

    Quote Originally Posted by The Excellector View Post
    What more could be wanted. There was an issue. He explained why the issue was there, acknowledging it and declaring that he would fix it. The coach agreed that it needed to be fixed, but showed confidence that it would.

    It has been fixed, within the time frame that it was said to be fixed.

    Why can't you just accept that Upshaw is meant to be in the 265-270 range? Not everyone is meant to be built like a 250 speed rusher.
    Exactly. Upshaw also explained he had to deal with a personal issue during the offseason which caused a problem with his training and eating.
    When Upshaw starts messing up on the field, then we should start to worry.
    But until that happens, there is no issue to me.

    Double sessions in 90+ with full gear will take off another 10 pounds easy.
    I'm not worried at all.

    Another note: Suggs will actually have to make sure he maintains his weight and stays hydrated since he was ripped already during OTAs.

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    Re: Courtney Upshaw's weight issues

    Upshaw looks like there wasn't even an issue.

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    Re: Courtney Upshaw's weight issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Justlovemybirds View Post

    Upshaw looks like there wasn't even an issue.
    Nice video, he looks fine to me. After several weeks of training camp he'll get trimmer. People need to relax.

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    Re: Courtney Upshaw's weight issues

    In that vid Upshaw actually looks quicker than last year.
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    Re: Courtney Upshaw's weight issues

    Says he can feel the difference in the weight loss. Gotta hand it to HARBs,
    dog house or no dog house he sure knows how to whip these guys in shape
    and they wore down SF in 4th qtr of SB with superior conditioning. YOu could
    just see it as Joe moved the offense downfield and in the goal line stand.

    In his first Ravens camp ever, Dumervil just said he's in the best shape ever.
    He came in to impress everyone and did.
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    Re: Courtney Upshaw's weight issues

    He looks much better than he did at the OTAs. He is not the fastest or quickest guy so he needs to be as lean as he possibly can. He looks like he can shed a few more. I am sure that will happen during training camp.


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