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When I was in college I definitely poached some tunes off of share sites...I think there is some ambiguity there regarding what classifies as illegally downloading something vs uploading music you bought onto a hosting site so other people can basically download the music that you paid for. Technically, you're gifting the music...even though you're gifting it to lots of people you don't know. When I was in college, the whole Napster thing, Limewire, and sites like that were really popular and easy to use. None of us really understood what we were doing.

However, now, I don't even mess with it. I'll stream stuff on Spotify, YouTube, etc, but if I want the music on my iPod I'll pony up the $$$ for it. Not worth dealing with those fines.
Yes, this is one thing where I'm glad being in college put me at the leading edge. In College I had gigs upon gigs of music shared from "Direct Connect" and then Napster... I was a pre-napster file sharer, not many of us. Direct Connect had movies too,think around the time Gladiator wasnew in theatres and I had a perfect, DVD quality NPEG on a file sharing site... glad I stopped after college and before all of these websites started getting shut down, investigated and lawsuits flying around.