Actually, Joe has 2 rings including his Hall of Fame ring when he was
inducted in 1985.

He was the first to pass 4,000 yds in a season, over 27,000 career yds and
173 TDs. Made several all star games and a pro bowl.

That's hardly over-rated.

He signed for the un-heard of sum of $400,000 which the NFL refused to
pay and became Broadway Joe. Pete Rozelle suspended him for his Bachelor's 3
bar in NY where known underworld figures visited. Joe finally sold
it to get back into the game. he almost quit.

Too bad for us he didn't.

Weeb was upset when Joe guaranteed their victory before the game. He said Shula
will use that vs us. Joe said if the Colts need bulletin board material to beat us they're
in bad shape. Weeb always listened to Johnny and Joe while Shula benched Unitas to
make a point. What an ass.