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    WH scandals drop MSNBCs ratings to new low/Fox News rises

    Galen's MSNBC news is taking it on the chin with all these WH scandals as it's ratings dropped to a 7-year low.

    Meanwhile FOX remained #1 and even picked up more viewers.

    The country obviously trusts Fox.

    FOX has liberals on like Juan Williams as it's liberal expert. Hannity and
    O'Rawley have him on all the time.

    FOX's hit news panel THE 5 has Bob Beckel as co-host and its DEM strategist. He
    Walter MOndale's campaign manager. They also fired the ultra conservative
    Glenn Beck so its reporting is far more balanced than MSNBC with Chris Softball's show
    and others like Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingram a slut.

    Last week’s total day results were down 17% in viewers and 22% among the demo from the comparable May 14 to May 18 week of last year. In primetime, the numbers were even worse for MSNBC as a steady decline from the beginning of the year continued.
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