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On Phelps, he was at a bar the day before the superbowl, he was seated at a table with 4 other guys. They weren't eating. Hey had a few drinks at the table. They all were lean looking guys, one was in his 60's probably all swimmers, they had that body type. There were 30+ people in the bar with Ravens gear on and Phelps had on his Orioles stuff. I was taking pictures of cool things with my phone and posting them on facebook. I was 10-15 ft away and did not approach them as I wanted to be respectful and ask if it was alright if I took his picture. The guy sitting to his right saw me with my phone out and made eye contact with me. I mouthed the words "Can I take Mike's picture?" While holding up my phone and wiggling it. They guy made a motion indicating for me to hold on then held his finger up like wait 1 minute. So I mouthed OK. Then Phelps looked leaned around the guy, looked at me and I mouthedthe words and wiggled the phone at him, and he made this face like he he smelled dog shit, said NO!!! and then took both of his hands and sheilded his face from me. I was kind of annoyed but what the heck. I asked and he said no. No biggie, so there was a guy in our group that is an Alumni of Hokins. He had some Hopkins Alumni gear on. I told him what just happened and he said "I bet I can get him to take a picture with me." I told him "Phelps wouldn't even let me take his picture from 10-15 feet way, no way is he going to let you get a picture standing next to him". So he waits for them to stand up and getreadyto leave the bar and proceeds to go over to him, and tell him, he's an Alum, and would Mike mind taking a picture with him and Phelps, of course, makes that same "I smell dog shit" face, said no and then left the bar.

My take on it is this, he's in New Orleans during Superbowl. He's out in public in Baltimore gear with a bunch of Baltimore fans. You think you aren't going to be recognized? He has access to all the private roped off parties going on. He can go places all of us schmoes can't but comes out and rubs elbows with the rest of us and then cops an attitude about a couple of picture requests? Effe him. Douche.

Great story, man. Thanks.

It reminds me of seeing Tom Matte at Memorial Stadium at an O's
game with his son. He was sitting behind home plate. I asked if
I could take his pic and he said sure.

One of the coolest pros to play in Bmore this side of Fatso.