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As far as we know, his work ethic was never a question. Nor was his character. The question was his hands.
You can blame him for several things, not living up to our expectations, routerunning, durability.. I wonder if it would have been better for him if he was IRed in 2007..

Dropping here and there was and should not be the way to remember him. You migth remember him for that drop against Pats.. Me I take that reception when we were behind with a couple of TDs against the clowns in Flaccos rookie season.. (the second game) and he got that reception on forth Down and long.. Flaccos first big comeback game.. without that reception there would likely not had been POs that season.

First of all I am a little down on this pick because I believe it could have been so much more if the trend from 2005-6 continued..