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    Re: IRS Auditing Scandal

    LIke Rush says, this his Lerner babe is one angry bitch. She is obsessed and scared of the Christian Right. She wanted to know the exact content of the prayers of the tea party when they applied for tax exempt status and way back when she wanted to know the content of Pat Robertson's prayer for Oliver North.

    The libbies are scared to death where this is leading - like to the WH but it looked liked
    Issa let her off the hook. He didn't know what to do about the 5th.

    But it's funny. The libbies don't like the 1st Amendment. They just tried to do away with
    the 2d Amendment, they don't know what the 3rd Amendment is or the 4th but they
    love the 5th Amendment.

    See link.
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