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    Re: Jimmy Smith gets 6 years in the slammer

    Quote Originally Posted by HKusp View Post
    These guys are so blessed and some of them just can't live life as a "regular" person. What a shame.
    Part of me says some are just bad apples and the other part of me says repeated blows to the body/head isn't healthy for your mental state. I think this situation is the former and things like the Titus Young rampage has me at a pause for possibly the latter.

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    Re: Jimmy Smith gets 6 years in the slammer

    Jimmy Smith was the man. It was him, Rod Smith, Tim Brown and everybody else.
    "When questioned, the Elders explained that they were in search of magical powers. However, they're actually searching for the whereabouts of a certain ring. This ring is a legendary treasure that long ago was known to exist"


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