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To add, what kind of needs are you guys going to have going forward?
Depends a lot on free agency next year. Ravens are in a poor cap situation to retain their FA's again. So..

- TE will be a need as it seems doubtful that the team could keep both Pitta and Dickson even if they want to.
- OT will be a need (possibly both LT and RT) especially if Oher goes elsewhere. The development of Jack Cornell might be important here.
- OLB could be a need if Suggs is cut (and he is the only obvious cut that could save the team money)
- WR of course if the kids don't develop this year, plus Jacoby Jones is a UFA.
- CB could be a need with Graham being a free agent and if Jimmy Smith and the younger CB's don't develop that well.
- NT with Cody being a free agent