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    Re: Rookie Camp First Impressions

    I dont know guys, hes pretty undersized @ 6'-1" 310lbs...

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    Re: Rookie Camp First Impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    ... but if Ozzie saw something in him, don't bet vs him.
    Right, and let's keep in mind that GG was drafted (4th round - 2012) before more prominent Centers like Ben Jones and Philip Blake... Bc

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    Re: Rookie Camp First Impressions

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    it's going to be funny when neither of them starts because AQ Shipley beats them both out.
    Nobody here said Jensen would start - this year.

    This article makes a big deal of Fluker's only 21 bench presses.

    The bench press tests a player's upper-body strength, explosiveness and endurance—all important attributes for teams looking to scoop up that road-grading guard or do-it-all tight end. As with any combine test, there were prospects that did themselves a favor with their performance and those that, well, will wish they'd had a better day.

    Ryan Jensen had 30 reps and Gino had 29. Both are smaller.

    Brandon Williams said when he lifted those big port a pots on a truck he pretended
    it was a big offensive lineman he pushed around.

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