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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    Brandon Ayanbedejo, but I guess he doesn't count so I'd go with Cody cuz he seems like he's lazy with his technique, plays too high, no leverage, his body language is very nonchalant.

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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    If I were a steeler fan I could have some fun with this thread. But since I'm not, I have nothing to offer. lol
    "Screw it, let's ride"!

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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    Well I really don't like that Ray Lewis guy. I heard he killed some people? And that Ed Reed caused a whole bunch of mutinies, definitely not a likable dude. And Terrell Suggs looks like an orc.


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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    I can't say I have one or ever have had one. Rolando McClain doesn't even count for me (like saying I don't like an UDFA player) and half of the team is brand new.

    Now if this was a Steeler question, enemy # 1 would be Woodley. Ask him how did that Joe Flacco getting no Superbowls prediction pan out? Ultra-douche.

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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    Least favorite to me would be the one who disappointed the most with their on the field play. Dickson was the higher pick so you expect him to be the better player, but Pitta has surpassed him. Cody's play last year I was most disappointed in. The tape that shows him getting blasted backwards as other teams ran the ball has not endeared himself to me as a fan.

    Personality wise is another story. I really don't know these guys but there are a few usual suspects that seem like asses. I can tolerate that if they stay out of serious trouble and deliver on the field.

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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    Quote Originally Posted by Terpsfan82 View Post
    Thank you. I root for the shield. This is juvenile.

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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    Quote Originally Posted by jaydee414 View Post
    Harper LeBel
    Remember that game. Brutal....really makes you appreciate a guy like Morgan Cox.

    As for this thread......also brutal
    And the Beatdown goes on.......

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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    Michael Oher may not be the Left Tackle we hoped for, he has been the Raven we desired! He plays the game without ego filling any position when asked. He gives it his all and that's all we can ask. I hope he retires as a Raven.

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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    Daren Stone

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    Re: Least favorite Raven


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    Re: Least favorite Raven

    Rolando McClain in a landslide.
    Never get in a fight with a pig; you both get muddy, and the pig likes it...

  12. Re: Least favorite Raven

    What is the point of this thread? Just dumb. Some people :grbac:


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