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    Re: Where are our holes?

    What does his work ethic have to do with the severity of his injury?

    I'm sure he is doing everything he can to come back and I'm fully aware that he gutted it out last year.

    That doesn't change the fact that he is on the wrong side of 30 with an injury that these days is harder to come back from than ACL tears.

    We'll see how he does.
    Although Walsh's system of offense can compensate for lack of talent; however, defense is a different story. According to Walsh, talent on defense was essential and could not be compensated for. What did Walsh do in 1981? He acquired physical and talented players on defense.

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    Re: Where are our holes?

    I like how Ozzie has built this roster for 2013. Defense got young and fast, offense stayed intact (other than Boldin and Birk). Can't underestimate the value of continuity, and the offense has it.

    One concern I have is whether or not Koch can bounce back from a pretty sub par 2012. IMO his worst to date. It might serve the team well to bring in some competition for camp.

    All in all, I think we are good and should be the favorites to win a 3rd straight division crown.
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    Re: Where are our holes?

    Biggest questions are at the safety positions. Really don't know about huff and Elam and there isn't much else.

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    Re: Where are our holes?

    I'd say WR and C. But I am very confident in Torrey, am high on Deonte, and think Doss will prove to be much better than a lot of people think. Look out for Streeter as well.

    I also liked the way Gradkowski played against Geno Atkins in Week 17, who was probably the best DT in the NFL last season.


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