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It's not about just drawing in people, it's about squeezing in as many premium (club and suites) as possible...those are the money making seats, not the bowl and upper deck for the great unwashed.

It's also about being able to host as many other money making events as possible as I am pretty sure the team makes a percentage of revenue every time the stadium is used.

The facts of the matter is that the average lifespan of these stadiums is about 25-30 years...and we are 15 years into M&T. It will either go through major renovations or the prospect of replacement will be brought up in the next decade or so.

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Out of curiosity how long is the lease on M&T with the Ravens as of today.

That number will have a lot to do with this. I would never expect Steve B to use the moving out of Maryland threat but the logical time for this to really start becoming a hot topic would seem to be around the time the lease comes due if its more than say 5yrs out. My guess is that the current stadium gets a massive face lift that improves the aesthetics and increases the number of suites/boxes.