I love the drafting of Elam, but I've seen on two different places now, mention of some kind of character concerns...Anyone know anything about this?


DB Charles Woodson: He may not have much to offer, but he's a total pro, has seen both sides of the NFL evolution process (going from looking like a disinterested potential bust to one of the most respected veterans in the game) and long ago realized that there won't be big money for him. He could make sense for the Ravens. Baltimore just lost Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Having drafted safety Matt Elam, who is talented but could have attitude issues, and with young starting corner Jimmy Smith a character concern in the past as well, a steady, reliable old head like Woodson in a locker room lacking leaders might not be the worst investment the Ravens could make.
http://walterfootball.com/nfldraftrumormill.php (March 31st entry)

Mixed Grades on Matt Elam

Published March 31, 2013
By Charlie Campbell - @draftcampbell
Another problem for Elam going in the top 32 are some character concerns. Scouts didn't want to go into detail, and they didn't feel they were serious problems, but there were some issues that could knock him down a bit with the more strict front offices.
From hearing him talk, I didn't pick up any concerns...He's very passionate about the game. Is this about the Bernard Pollard, huge hit type mentality?