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I gotta believe he is as good as gone. No rumors the Ravens are involved at this point. Multiple teams now involved. Lets get real though. Its not like McKinnie came in here in shape last year and gave us a complete solid season. He gave us essentially 4 solid games. You don't get in a bidding war for a guy like that. If he happens to fall at your price (vet min or slightly above) then fine, if not you move on and look at other options.
no rumors theyve offered him anything. Theres been plenty reported that theyve been in contact with him throughout the process. Theyve talked about him literally every time they talked about the OL, even when saying theyd start KO at LT, it was followed with "if we get mcKinnie back those guys play those other positions." The teams interest is there, its just whether its the right price, which honestly i still have no idea what it is.

Im not sure where people are getting this notion they dont want him back period. the want is there, its the price theyll go to where the debate lies, imo.