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I think Maclin is about the only realistic target for a trade. Denarius Moore would be great, but I can't see the Raiders moving him when he's just started to scratch the surface of his potential.
I would really like Moore, even though it seems he kind of quit last year. In fact I think he was benched for lack of concentration/drops. But that might help to precipitate a trade if they view him as disgruntled. He has nothing to look forward to in Flynn/Wilson.

"Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen confirmed in his post-game presser that WR Denarius Moore was benched in the Browns game for dropped balls: "Dropped a couple balls, and we got to make plays when you've got opportunities...It wasn't from a lack of effort, but we've got to make plays when we've got an opportunity."

I think they really like Streater and Criner, so they may view him as expendable. Plus they should be getting Jacoby Ford back.