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I took that to mean basically that while, yeah, it'd be great to score a new LT in the draft, we weren't going to get one that would be any better than (a) what we have already or (b) what'll be out there in FA.

There were only a few guys in the draft that could actually IMPROVE the Ravens at LT.

Problem is those guys all went in the first couple picks. So there was nobody who'd constitute an actual upgrade at LT in the draft, unless we wanted to do a "Herschel Walker" and trade our whole draft in to move up for one of the top 5 picks.
I will say this...the OTs that would've been a clear upgrade over signing Gaines or playing KO there were gone after 3 rounds. And I wouldn't change a single thing about the way our 1st 3 picks went. I think we absolutely NAILED each one and took a risk point in this new defense and turned it 180.

After the 3rd round, I can see that what was left was really just marginal.