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    Let's not forget

    As the 2013 NFL draft is coming to its end, let's not forget that the reason why Ravens restock its players so well isn't simply from the 7 rounds.. but also from undrafted free agents.

    Guys like Ellerbe, Bart Scott and McClain were all undrafted FAs that we brought in.

    I am liking our draft this year, but i think it will even be better once we consider all the undrafted free agents that we bring in

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    Re: Let's not forget

    Great point. Tonight and tomorrow will be a busy time for the FO. We're so spoiled by this organization, especially when I look at a train wreck like Dallas. I try to always remember to never take that for granted.
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    And there are ten teams who don't have enough cap space to sign their draft picks, so another wave of cheap free agents is coming
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