I don't know how many other people have seen this, but you see McNair talking about "pitch and catch" and various other things. it's obvious he's most in his element in those situations where there isn't as much huddle-call the play, etc. He's all about those quick decisions and "just playing the game"

What if the Ravens offense would just...change and do that more often? Go pseudo no-huddle ~ give McNair 3-4 plays to choose from at the line and keep the same guys on the field for a good bit of time.

That seems to be what the difference is between the 2 minute drill and the rest of the ballgame. Granted, we had a few drives where we moved the ball well, but the consistent success of the 2 minute drill seems to say something more about playing to the strengths of the offense.

Heck, even if we were to go jumbo with 2 TEs and sometimes go quick, we can take advantage of catching a team with certain personnel....kind of like the chargers did to us with the no huddle and jumbo package and strange formations to run the football (albeit without much success outside the 1st quarter).

What do the rest of you think? For some reason, I have that feeling that we've got that lightning in a bottle and just have to find a way to use it for 60 minutes and not just 4.