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    Re: Day 3 BPA's by position

    Quote Originally Posted by NC Raven View Post
    Nice list... I just added a few names in CAPS and threw in my vote/2 cents for some of the guys on the list by bolding, underlining etc. The more emphasis, the more I like the player. Marquess Wilson would be my most coveted player here, but the way the draft is going, the Giants will take him, because they're taking everybody I wanted us to take. On NFL .com the fans have graded their draft a "C" -- insane! They might have gotten Pugh later, they might not. I love all three players they've taken. I like our guys so far, but I'd trade drafts with NYG right now in a second.
    Don't think Greg Reid is anything more than a return specialist. He's not remotely close to the Honey Badger in defensive instincts or skill.

    I do like your Lattimore idea as a late round flyer. We'd be able to ease him him and try to build up his health at a safe pace. Could be a nice trade chip down the road, but that strategy doesn't really fit Ozzie's MO.

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    Re: Day 3 BPA's by position

    Quote Originally Posted by Raveninwoodlawn View Post
    I really, really don't want Chris Harper.

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    I guess I just have a blind-spot or the tape out there is just bad tape. I really can't see how Harper's game translates to the NFL.
    I mean KSU had a mickey-mouse offense and a mickey-mouse QB, but still, there should be flashes, right?

    I read about his excellent routes, but I don't see "excellent" on film. I see "okay" and "serviceable".
    Same thing with his hands. I've seen a few nice grabs, but nothing jaw-dropping.
    He's strong and heavy, but I don't see him being all that physical on the field.
    I guess not having much film on him is screwing me up.
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    Re: Day 3 BPA's by position

    Quote Originally Posted by ursula View Post
    Nice additions.

    Color me inane but I want Denard Robinson.
    I like him too. His running ability and big play potential is worth a shot at some point.


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