Pro Football Weekly used to have numerous evaluations before the draft and the one that I always looked forward to was their placement of potential players per round! Namely, they had two lists (Offense and Defense) with the different positions per round and who they thought should be selected during each round for each position (WR, RB, OT, etc. for the Offense and DT, OLB, CB, etc. for Defense). I know that it was subjective and PFW's ranking of players could be subject to ridicule, but it was a great way to track selections during the draft and see where they actually landed.

Unfortunately, this year PFW has had next to nothing on their website unlike prior years (think they are trying to sucker people into buying their Draft Guide for extra cash) so they do not have this ranking of players by round now.

My question to the Forum members is do any of you know of any other site on the web that is free and evaluates where all of the potential draftees will be drafted per round (and in an easy grid format) so I could just print it off and use as a guide during the actual NFL Draft?