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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    From the article

    "But there's also plenty of drama involved in this showdown. For one, the Ravens don't get to start their championship defense at home. That's a killer. Secondly, the last time these teams played, the Broncos appeared poised toward heading for the AFC Championship Game before Joe Flacco hit Jacoby Jones for a deep pass that torched Rahim Moore and stunned the world.

    And third, this offseason featured Elvis Dumervil moving from Denver to Baltimore thanks in large part to faulty fax machine usage".
    They failed to mention this little peice of drama:

    'And fourth, this is the second time the NFL has refused to give Baltimore their premier opening game after the Ravens won a World Championship. The last Super Bowl champion to be disrespected in such a way was .... you guessed it! ... the Baltimore Ravens, in favor of .... Guess who?!!! ... the Denver Broncos and their opening game on MNF at the brand new Invesco Field to start off the 2001 season'.

    Too much drama for me. I'm still lookin' for the KY.
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    Harbs is 5-0 with season openers.

    It's Denver that should be worried.

    I like it. Gives us an almost extra bye week.

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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    I hope the O's game is like a ghost town that day... just sayin'
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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    Quote Originally Posted by helloharv View Post
    S U C K S !!!

    I pay thousands of dollars as a season ticket holder and derserved to us play AT HOME the 1stgame of the year.

    Very good chance we start 0-1 : (
    i second this statement. starting off the new season at home with the afteglow of the SB would have felt nice. starting off the new season at home after possibly going 0-1 would be not so nice.

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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    Week 1 is a chance to give you 4+ months to prepare for your opponent. Remember two years ago we opened at home against the Steelers and absolutely SHELLACKED them? You don't think that was a focus towards the end of camp?
    Quote Originally Posted by JAB1985 View Post
    weve actually crushed our 1st week opponents the last two years including a good 10-6 Bengals and a 12-4 Steelers. Broncos will be tough, but were pretty good with a couple extra days/weeks to prepare.
    Both teams get to prepare with the extra time. The only advantage it provided us was due to the "Cam effect."

    Cam Effect - A phenomenon where one of two competing entities appears to better utilize additional preparation time, when in reality this entity is simply inferior when given a standard period of preparation.


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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    I'm not scared of the Broncos. The playoff game shouldn't have been as close as it was, with the Ravens winning in regulation because of the 2 returned TD's the Broncos had. Yes, I know that's part of the game, but I'm sure special teams will be looking to make sure that doesn't happen again! My only concern is Manning won't have to worry about Lewis and Reed knowing what plays to call to stop him this time around...

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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Cactus View Post
    I agree that we won't be afraid of Manning. I just think we'll be faced with a very determined opponent. As I said, we can still win. I just feel our chances would be better later in the season for the reasons listed in my last post.
    K C, you've made some good points and may well be right. My take is that this 2013 Ravens team may be the best balanced roster we've ever had. We may not be as offensively dangerous as when Vinny T. was QB, and certainly not as strong as the 2000 defense,
    but accounting for all sides (O, D, ST) of the ball, I think we are equally as tough. IMO when teams see BALTIMORE on their schedule, they will say "oh oh, that's a loss"... Bc

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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    I think it is complete and total bullshit that the league is making us open on the road and the NFL should be ashamed of themselves. Bisciotti should not have allowed this to stand.

    Denver chokes away a playoff game where they are heavily favored after being arguably the best team in the league all year and their fans are rewarded by getting to host the league's signature kickoff game in nationally televised prime time? BULL. SHIT.

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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    First preference was a home game, so this isn't the game anyone wanted, but it's the game many expected. Denver started poorly last year and we had great starts the last 2 years, so I'm OK with it. We were going to have to play them anyway, might as well while we are have all of our players healthy.

    I checked out the Bronco's message boards and many posters believe they will blow us out. Aside from the last year's regular season game we have owned them over the years.

    As much as it sucks this game is on the road what would be worse if this happened 2 years in a row. Somebody needs to talk to MLB before they set the schedule next year. Angelos sticking it to the Ravens could only be better to do it 2 years in a row.

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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    Pretty much inevitable. I posted months ago that the NFL would LOVE to have us play in Denver week one, if they thought they could get away with it. The O's/MLB gave them the perfect excuse.

    Not that worked up about it though - get a tough road game out of the way early...home games in December are more important anyway.

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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    Ravens will bring it to the Broncos on opening game. Manning will need to play his A game against a new defense with ex-bronco Elvis(who scrimmaged against manning last year), a guy who has inside info on the Denver O. Personally, I think the Ravens come away with the win. A heathy defense with Webb will be a headache for the Denver O. Hope manning can finish the game and the rest of the season. He will received an ass whooping courtesy of the Raven D. Meanwhile, Joe and the offense get to have Caldwell show what he has practiced with the O. Hope it's a good game(would hate for the NFL to be disappointed) LOL A blow out would be another Ravens win that the NFL doesn't want to see.

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    Re: we are playing the Broncos

    I blame the NFL on this. You would have never seen some of these other bigger market teams get this treatment. Seems like we're get punished for winning for the second time. Not seeing why they didn't move this to Weds.

    We'll win this one too.


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