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    Re: Jaguars radio guy fawning over the Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by Real Fan Dan View Post
    This was certainly true when I went there in 2000. When I went there for that terrible goat-rope of a game in 2011 the stadium was pretty full - although there were a lot of Ravens fans there lol!

    That game sure sucked. But at least the Jags Fans sing our National Anthem (the only good thing about that game :grbac:). Pretty funny actually. All the Jacksonville Fans are singing the Star Spangled Banner, and the Baltimore Fans (you know the ones who are from the town where the Banner was written ) are dumbass silent, except when they yelled "O!" which was a bit muffled because most of the fans in the stadium were singing the National Anthem lol!
    Me and my wife were at the 2011 game. Our section was 80% Ravens fans. When we got to the "OH!" part of the anthem, this African American guy taps me on the shoulder and says, "Yo' dog, what the hell was that?". Made for a good laugh. Probably the only time I laughed that entire night. UGGGH.

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    Re: Jaguars radio guy fawning over the Ravens

    Jags under Weaver started out well with Coughlin being both the original GM and Head Coach. Made it to the AFC Championship game in their 2nd year. With the performance, the locals figured the NFL was no more difficult than the SEC and the Jags should be 14-2 every year without any problems. After a couple more years Coughlin's hard ass routine tore the heart and soul of the the team - exit Coughlin and enter delRio. Jack got a mini renaissance for a couple of years of competitive football and then the continued poor drafts by the front office headed the team to the port-a-pot. The near 500 year delRio posted in 2011 had to have been a amazing job of coaching, since the same core group of players did their 2-14 season in 2012.

    I too felt Baltimore was robbed during the expansion dog & pony games, that being said, I am glad the Mr. Model and the hand of reason decided to move the Browns to become the Ravens. The Ravens front office has had a steady hand on the helm and continues to plot winning courses - and it isn't done with smoke and mirrors - just hard nosed football.

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    Re: Jaguars radio guy fawning over the Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenboy2003 View Post
    Jacksonville is full of rednecks who sell out the Jags stadium with 80,000+ for Monster Truck Madness but can't put 50k a week in the seats for NFL games. They tarp 12,000 seats and then the owner buys the remaining tickets and calls the games sellouts when they are far from it.

    As for Jax and how far away they are, who knows.. I think Blackmon will be a damned good receiver. Reminds me of a young T.O. And Cecil Shorts is a really talented guy who caught a lot of passes last season. So at WR I'd say they are close. If MJD stays healthy he's a great RB.. But they do need a franchise QB.. and their defense is like a block of swiss cheese.

    They are a couple years away at minimum.

    The black-out rule is archaic and stupid. If they really wanted to make it stick, they should have it determined by turnstile attendance as a percentage of capacity (like requiring XX% by kick-off, or they switch to another game). But preferably it should be removed altogether. That way, owners could make their stadiums as big as they wanted, and not have to worry about the games being blocked out. Isn't it a bit odd that there are several college stadiums over 100,000, but no pro stadiums except for Jerryworld?

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    Re: Jaguars radio guy fawning over the Ravens

    Jax is doo-doo, I live 85 miles south, and the locals think Gabbert is the answer. Sorry but Gabbert will ruin Blackmon, quicker than Boller ruined Heap.

    Jax will never be what, the Ravens FO has done.


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