Work during the week in Florida and in JAX tonight and went to a function MC'd by Brian Sexton, Jags play-by-play guy. After he came off stage my co-worker who knows him well asked if I wanted to meet him and says, "trust me, he'll talk football for hours if you want".

So my co-worker introduces me and tells Brian I'm from Baltimore. So for the next few minutes or so Brian fawned over how great of a front office we have, how jealous he is of us winning the rings this year.. Also says that Shad Khan wants to model drafting and building a franchise after the way Ozzie has done with the Ravens. Really cool to hear this stuff coming from someone close to another NFL team.

He made a couple funny comments about how painful it has been to call Jags games the last few years but that he trusted their new coach and GM to turn things around.