Demetrius Hall...a basketball player from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has declared his intention to enter the NFL Draft as a TE.

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"The six-foot, seven-inch Harris initially signed to play football at Arkansas State, but he failed to qualify academically. He played basketball at a community college for two years, and then he turned down another offer from Arkansas State to return to football.

In a workout for the Chiefs earlier this month, Harris ran the 40-yard dash in 4.52 seconds, jumped 36.5 inches vertically and 10 feet, two inches horizontally.

Harris has visited the Chiefs, and hes due to visit the Ravens and Cowboys on Sunday and Monday, respectively."


With all the extra comp picks that we have, and the fact that it seems like the Chiefs REALLY like him, If Ozzie decides he likes the kid, I wouldn't be opposed at all to using that 7th round pick (natural or Comp) on the kid...his athleticism is obviously through the roof...the 7th round is where you take flyers. Why not draft him, and save yourself the fight in the undrafted FA market?