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    Same old Orioles of 15 losing years

    Damn, last night was pathetic. How can they go from a great 1-year wonder to this - Yankees get a triple play vs O's.

    Two guys get caught in rundowns and picked off at the same time. It was pathetic, man. Granted the Yanks were like a machine but it was so easy.

    Old Buck was besides himself.

    It was late in the game and the Yanks were well in the lead, but man - two guys at the same time? Come on man.

    Then in the exact play of the playoffs last year Jones goes back in center field for a fly ball, not a difficult catch and he drops it, just like in the playoffs.

    It was almost the same play only last year he was running to his left and blowing bubble gum while dropping the ball and last night he was running to his right and ball hits his glove and bounces off.

    It didn't even hit the inside of his glove.

    Paul Blair would have made those catches blind folded.

    I know baseball is a marathon but this is pathetic after doing so great in the playoffs last year.

    Here it is. Have a bucket next to you for when you throw up.
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