View Poll Results: If these are my only choices at 32, I would draft...

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  • Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff

    4 5.13%
  • Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International

    8 10.26%
  • Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

    14 17.95%
  • Jason Elam, S, Florida

    19 24.36%
  • Deandre Hopkins, WR, Clemson,

    21 26.92%
  • Kevin Minter, ILG, LSU

    10 12.82%
  • Jessie Williams, DT, Alabama

    2 2.56%
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    Re: If these were your best seven options at pick 32, you would take...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rxdoxx View Post
    But again I doubt Eifert makes it past the low 20's
    I'll explain a little bit what went into my thinking on the poll choices.

    In the mocks I looked at most people usually have Eifert going to the Falcons or Niners at 30 or 31. Of course they are just playing the game of who needs what.

    I can personally say that anyone from Notre Dame scares the crap out of me since the track record of golden domers in the NFL is awful.

    It's also interesting to ponder the fact that Zach Ertz is the other highly touted TE who Jim Harbaugh coached in college. Just saying....

    It is interesting to recall that with the last pick of the 2001 draft the Ravens took a tight end despite still having Shannon Sharpe coming back. I do see the scenario where the Ravens plan for Dickson being gone--I don't see them paying both Pitta and Dickson, and Pitta is clearly more valuable to them right now.

    I wanted to see how people rate Elam versus Cyprian. Personally, I like Cyprian a little bit better. Kiper rates him second best in the draft, ahead of Reid and Elam.

    I threw in Williams because I think NT is a bigger need than many think.

    Armstead I like and he'd be a stretch. But if he can really play LT, getting a LT at 32 would be a great pick.

    There doesn't seem to be much buzz on WR's in general. I thought about including Keenan Allen too, just for comparison sake, but he's a guy who is all over the place in mocks, anywhere from 12 overall to out of the first round. Some people see Hopkins going to the Texans at 27, so that's something to watch for next Thursday, but not a lot of love for him in the first.

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    Re: If these were your best seven options at pick 32, you would take...

    Quote Originally Posted by helloharv View Post
    Tyler Eifert --- I just don't see how he could still be there .

    TE is HUGE now in the NFL --- Why wouldn't several teams want him in 1st round ?
    How many of those young and very good Tight Ends were drafted in the 1st round? Not too many.
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