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Fine and dandy, but taking a small school guy who was a workout warrior in round 1 is a big risk and I'm not sure the Ravens would go for that.

Also, I think a lot of folks think that because Armstead is athletic, he can play LT. I'm not so sure.
I'm not saying we take him 32, but I think after about pick 36 or 37, he's in "the danger zone" of being picked. So saying "maybe we take him with our 2nd round pick" is lowballing his value. A team is going to take him in the 2nd round, bank on it.

His arm length is one of the big plusses for him as a LT. Filmstudy had some discussions about LT success factors and why Oher struggles at LT and he thinks it has to do with his arm length.


Notice, Oher's arm length is 33.5, which puts him in the "Average" category. Armstead has 34" arms...not great, but definitely gives him more leverage to control a pass rusher. This is why I think I understand people saying this is actually a pretty cruddy Tackle draft...

http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/p...nkings/2013/OT (There's a button on there to click to show arm lengths)

There's only a handful of 35+ guys. Lane Johnson and DJ Fluker are the only ones mentioned really as draftable. Joeckel and Fisher come in with 34 and change arms. Faulk, Quessenberry, and Marquardt are the other names mentioned with 34 and change arms. Then there's Menelik Watson and Terron Armstead with 34 inch. This is one big reason I'm not crazy about being linked to Pugh, who has 32 inch arms.

Terron seems to have great conditioning and great physical measurements. The only thing I'm not sure about is football mindset at LT, but he's been consistently mentioned as potential LT in the NFL.