D -- weaker at LB: we lost Ray, Ellerbe, Kruger; added McLain. Yes, we have some young LBs, but largely unproven
weaker at CB: lost C WIlliams; Webb will be back, but exactly when and at what level of performance still UNK; J Smith still a ?
weaker at S: lost both starters; added one (Huff); other spot wide open; again, youth is there, proven performance is not
stronger on D line

O -- weaker at WR with loss of Boldin. As at LB, we have young prospects, but still unproven
weaker at OL: lost Birk, Williams, McKinnie (?); added no one. Depth horrible: no backup C at all (and no proven starter), Harewood & Yah mediocre at best. No backup at T. In fact, do we have any T besides Oher?

I'm sure we'll be OK, but this draft(and FA period after it) is very important