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I think Teo will be gone if not long gone by the time we come up. I think the scandalous stuff is wearing off now and someone won't be able to resist getting him in the 20s or so. Even so if he was there for the taking and we're staying at 32 and are looking LB give me Ogeltree or Minter all day. Although I have to admit a WR at that spot is looking more and more interesting.
I could care less if Te'o is there or not, I would never consider Te'o at 32, the guy is a throw back and has been highly overrated since day 1 because he plays at ND. I rank Kevin Minter, Alex Ogletree, Arthur Brown, and Sio Moore higher than this guy. I just don't see the difference between Te'o and a guy like AJ Klein or Jon Bostic who have 3rd-4th round projections. I could be totally wrong about him, but I don't see the value at all at 32.

He isn't as good as last years run thumping ILB prospect Donta Hightower who didn't get as much publicity as Te'o had even before the scandal. Frankly, what the media have done with this kid is garbage, he should have never had that much hype before the scandal, and he should have never had that much critique when the scandal came out either.