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Wi-fi in stadiums is a dumb investment. I don't go to games to look at a smartphone. There are two huge HDTV screens at either end of the stadium that should provide me everything that I would be interested in while watching the games.
"Should" is the key word in your sentence- they don't.

I sincerely beg to differ on the wifi- and I'll guarantee you that *thousands* of other fans do as well- The VZ and ATT signals just can't handle all of the traffic on game days from the same location- so if it alleviates any of this it would be a BIG improvement. I don't even play fantasy football- but just getting up to the minute scores is impossible on our video boards- in case you've ever compared the scores to live scores on ESPN or SI apps- the scores in the stadium are almost ALWAYS lagging behind by at least 30 minutes- and sometimes they are up to a quarter behind, or just plain WRONG on occasions (one game last season they must have been putting up scores from the wrong week!- The in stadium scoreboard is HORRIBLE.

As for the crowd noise prompts- that's just Bush league... Just like Atlanta- that stadium should be so loud on it's own, but they have to flash signs constantly- and they're still not nearly as loud as they should be considering they're indoors. I was not impressed on that Thursday night game a few years back. It's just lame...