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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    I was supposed to tailgate down there with the
    Glen Burnie Roost. I didn't know anyone but they took me in. That's the great thing about road games. Complete strangers become families. They took me in ...

    ... So I ended up tailgating with them but forgot to tell the Roosts and they were a little worried about me when I didn't show up but they were really cool dudes, man.
    I'm in the Glen Burnie Roost and i remember you now. :bag: I remember telling them guys "Don't mess with that dude he looks like he's a big A-Hole and will start a whole bunch of shit lol!" ;)

    j/k. All Ravens fans are welcome and your story of some of our members looking out for you doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, one of them dudes was probably the beer chairman what fell in the hole - Buzzy.
    If you break the rules you can't make the rules.
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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    Yea, that's me the a-hole. The only Ravens fan to get kicked out of a fan club and two message boards. All the men in my family died at 65 and I got guys trying to kick
    my ass. Over a woman too. Remember that guy on Fri nights in Bel Air? He was a former DEA agent trying to kick my ass. He said he was a former agent and I said I was a former US Marshal and that was that.

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    Re: Are the Ravens more Popular than we Think?

    Quote Originally Posted by downside52 View Post

    I see tons of folks walking around in Ravens gear downtown. That's great to hear about RB - are you guys going to do it again next year?
    The DC/NOVA Ravens meetup group is having a draft watching party on the first night at Rock Bottom Arlington on Thursday April 25th. I'd go except for the fact the Ravens might pick 32nd or trade down and pick in the 2nd round and I got to get up early on Friday.

    Here is the website where you can keep up with our events during the 2013 season and it looks like we have found a permanent home base:


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