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    Re: How can anyone still believe in God

    Did you ever hear of the GAP theory? It's a way for theologians to reconcile with science
    that the earth is billions of years old. I just read that Billy Graham and John
    Hagee are proponents of it and it has to be bad if Benny Hinn believes it.

    That's when all the dinos were supposed to live here and the Bible does mention them in
    Job and that's when some theologians believed Lucifer was the prince of the earth and when
    he introduced sin to earth, which was before Adam and Eve sinned.

    They were the first sinners of the earth. God said on the 6th day everything he made
    was good, so if there were pre-Adamic fossils that were bad, why would God say that?

    Some believe there was a big gap of billions of years between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis.

    I guess if you're a long birther, you believe in The Gap theory.
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