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I seem to recall that two of the most intelligent scientists in human history, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, were both religious.

Both thought they were attempting to figure out the mind of God.

Both thought the universe was so splendid, so spectacular that it could only have been the work of something divine.

Guess they're just "illogical".
They sure could have been. Geniuses can fall into traps of illogicality. Anyone can because everyone is human.

For every Newton and Einstein there is at least one scientist who is an atheist (probably more). So, I wouldn't go that route to make any sort of point.

And for the record, Einstein was an agnostic pantheist: a fancy way of saying he admitted he didn't know if there was a god or not but chose to believe that if there was one, it was identical to nature itself and had no mind or human qualities. (A far cry from "religious" as you said.)