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    Colt McCoy traded to the 49ers

    Sources that saying that that the Browns are throwing their 6th rounder in too, and receiving the 49ers 5th rounder and 7th rounder.

    We're hearing that old "we would have cut him anyway" routine, but it sounds like they're basically getting a ham sandwich and bag of footballs in exchange if you look at it closely. They're moving up a few spots from the 6th round pick, and receiving one of the final picks in the draft that they probably could sign as an UDFA anyway.

    The trade works out for the 49ers and McCoy though. As I was saying, they gave up virtually nothing to get him, there is no way that all 14 of their draft picks make their roster. And McCoy has talent, but was being shell shocked playing on such a terrible team. The 49ers won't ask him to do anymore than hold down the fort whenever Kaep has to leave the game early. This is cheaper than them having to use a 3rd or 4th rounder for the same quality player.

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    Re: Colt McCoy traded to the 49ers

    Already posted and being discussed in the NFL Free Agency thread.


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