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Perhaps but what cannot be disputed is that this is clearly Harbaugh's team now. There's no Ray, no Ed, no Boldin, no Pollard. About the only vets left are Suggs, Ngata and Flacco he won't get any grief from them. So, 2013 will be a real test as to what Harbaugh can do when he and not Ray Lewis or Ed Reed or Boldin, will have to be the inspirational leader.
I have to laugh at the whole "its Harbaugh's team now" philosophy.

So basically its only the head coaches team if everyone who was a team leader when they arrived is gone? Really? Last time I checked when the Ravens floundered some under Brian Billick they fired Brian not Ed, not Ray and not anyone else. If the Ravens had gone 2-14 last year this would have been Harbaugh's team, his fault and his job.

This has been Harbaugh's team since day 1. The Ravens are not an organization that is going to allow the inmates to run the farm. Hell that's the whole reason Harbaugh was on the sidelines and one Rex Ryan was not.