Goob posted a piece that agreed with what Preston said...but I still don't buy it 100%

Do I think Harbaugh wanted an upgrade at S? Yes. Do I think Harbaugh would've hugged and welcome Ed Reed back on a 6m/3year deal? Absolutely. First off, Ozzie isn't handing over the car keys to John without having the driver's ed passenger brake (anyone know what i'm talking about?). He might let Harbaugh drive some of the personell moves, but it's still Ozzie's JOB to decide which groceries we get and how much we pay and which store we get them from. John just tells him which groceries he wants, Ozzie goes from there. So even if Harbaugh is sitting there going "I don't want that crazy hobo in my locker room anymore", it's still Ozzie's call, Ozzie isn't going to say "man, that's wrong...but you DID just win a Super Bowl, so...." Second off, I don't think Ed Reed would've gone and said about him having a good relationship with Harbaugh and exchanging texts with him the day of signing if Harbaugh really wanted him the hell out of here. He had no NEED to be gracious then.