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I'm not the biggest Harbaugh fan in the world or anything, but suffice it to say that you aren't going to last long as an NFL head coach if you can't handle a player like Ed Reed having the occasional strong/vocal opinion. That's why college coaches come into the NFL and fail. So while there might not have been any bidding war once the Texans made an offer the Ravens didn't want to match, I very much doubt that Harbaugh ran Reed out of time. Hell, even if Harbs *wanted* to, I'd bet he'd be overruled by Bisciotti given Reed's stature with the organization.
Harbaugh handled it perfectly. The Ravens went on to win the Super Bowl. Reed whose abilities had diminished signed elsewhere. Problem solved. This is the very reason that Harbaugh was hired and not Rex. With Rex this team would have imploded just like his NY team. The teams that do well year in and year out are led by strong coaches not coaches who cater to their star players. College coaches struggle in the NFL because it is hard to coach in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll seem to be doing just fine.