So much to say about this one.

-Turnovers. How does a vet team that took care of the ball so well last season, give it back so easily?
-Where's the run? McGahee and Smith ran with effectiveness. Waiting for the explanation of the Pass call on 3rd and 1. I can give you ten reasons why you run it there. A run to the outside would also be nice.
-Injuries. No major blows last season. Count them up. Is Lewis out for an extended time? Is J.O. done? McNair? After one week lots of questions.
-Should have stolen that one. Even with such a sloppy performance the D holds serve all second half until the momentum changer and keeps you in a game you have no business being in. I had my doubts about a W anyway but, they kept giving you chances.
-I guess they have make up calls in football, too.

A chance to get well right away with Jets,Cards, and Browns.