The fact that we had a chance to win that game after 7 Turnover's is incredible. We didn't deserve to win, but we were still in a position to win and that should keep us looking positively to the heart of the team. I was pacing back and forth and disgusting with several calls, but I don't feel like the season is lost. I am concerned about the extent of the injuries we incurred tonight, but I was pleased to see a bit more poise from Boller, perhaps he is the 2nd best back-up in the NFL. I really have to question some of Billick's play calls, especially in short yardage. It seemed like Willis was getting a rhythm going and then in short yardage we go for a pass in the middle, why not try to keep pounding the ball towards the goal, we were getting positive yards each time. Two more runs and he would have been in the endzone, why go for the risky pass with a QB that has just come into the game. Time for coaches and players to study some tape, rest up and bring it on Sunday!