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T'eo is a solid mid second to late third round pick, who should be taken higher this year, due to the lack of 'obvious' talent out there. He is actually a guy who you could develop to handle Ellerbe's role very well. Even though I am skeptical of his character, he's not a bad prospect.
"Character" issue seems like such a loaded term at this point, and I really don't see what impact it has on his football at all. Let's say that he is disconcertingly naive: So what? What likely impact is that going to have on the team that drafts him? If he gets suckered into investing in a ponzi scheme and loses all of his money, it's no skin off of the Ravens' back. As far as character issues go, they only really seem relevant to me if they entail thinking that a guy won't put the work in that's required to be a good NFL player, or if he's going to be in trouble a lot and get himself suspended/arrested.