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The guy is a peanut over 6" 2, at 270, you cant lower that weight based on his build and height, for every inch is about 10lbs of weight. He cant drop weight without losing strenght and durability, he is tall.
I totally understand what you're saying here, and people often forget that height compensates for weight. Use Ray Rice as an example here, he's like 5'8, and so people assume he's really small and not strong at all, when he actually has a really thick build and weighs 212 lbs which is heavy for that height, if he was 6'2, he'd probably weigh closer to 230 lbs with the way that he's built.

With that said, he still looks a little heavy and bulky to play ILB, and you probably want him down to around 255 lbs (he played at around 265 last year).