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    Quote Originally Posted by rlh445 View Post
    Man one thing I kinda forgot: Boller sure did have an arm on him.
    He could throw it 70 yds from his knees! Too bad that play was never called.
    World Domination 3 Points at a Time!

  2. Re: Set your DVRs! Ravens vs. Pats 2007 tomorrow night

    The only players left from that team are Yanda, Suggs, Ngata, and Koch.

    Plenty of guys that I haven't thought if in years like Wimborne, Musa Smith, come to mind.

    The game was a microcosm of Boller's Ravens career. He showed some potential and some arm strength. He also made some bone headed plays.

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    Re: Set your DVRs! Ravens vs. Pats 2007 tomorrow night

    In a lot of ways, that game was a microcosm of that era from 03-07.

    When nobody gave them a chance, they stepped up an delivered. On MNF, with the bright lights shining, the team played much better than anyone outside of Baltimore thought possible but just barely not good enough. They had passion but lacked discipline. Lots of questionable calls went in favor of the more popular team, but the game was still winnable. One minute Kyle Boller made us believe and a minute later made us sigh.

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    Re: Set your DVRs! Ravens vs. Pats 2007 tomorrow night

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    Nothing should ever be able to top Steelers-Ravens, unless we go on a Colts type run on our division, and I don't see that happening because like it or not, the Bengals and Steelers are not bad orgs.

    Outside of division rivalry, I'd say the next ones to look at would be Pats, Titans (former division rivals), Colts, and Texans.
    I never said it did top Ravens-Steelers. I said it has gotten almost as intense. I agree unless we dominate the division for the next decade, the Steelers will always be our biggest rival.


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