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    Re: Todd McShay's updated 2 round mock draft (3/28)

    First of all Patton isn't even considered a first round pick so Ozzie won't take him in the first, maybe later if he trades out for extra bodies. He will take the BPA in the first. He especially won't take Patton in the first if Minter is there. Not sure what McShay is smoking but I could use some.

    As for the Center, Ravens drafted Gino last year to take Birk's place so I doubt they will take a Center that hi now. Maybe later with one of their lower or comp picks for depth but not at #2.

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    You guys realize that these mock drafts are made after talking with industry sources, right? Patton probably won't be taken by us, but if he's being mocked to us that means there is at least interest on our end.
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    Re: Todd McShay's updated 2 round mock draft (3/28)

    Patton and Frederick (among The Joker and Fisher) were the prospects that I liked early on. I can see Patton being very steady for a number of years. He doesn't have the explosiveness that I would like for a first round though. The safest WR pick IMO.

    Frederick is solid. Can start at C or G. However, assuming that we would only use a C/G type OLman for depth, I'd rather take the super-quick Brian Schwenke (who maybe favors Yanda a bit in the face) 16-32 picks later.
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