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Thread: Player Intros

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    Re: Player Intros

    I wonder if Suggs take over "What Time is it? Game Time" pre-game huddle or if they switch that up now that Ray is gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    Not even close, huh? You mean the crowd went louder over Ray's dancing than Flacco bombs for TDs? I don't think so.
    Maybe re-read my original point?

    The thread is about player intros. You claimed Rays intro was not as loud as the flyover or other pre game stuff.

    I'm rebutting that claim. I've made no claims about the in game play.

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    Re: Player Intros

    Hot damn, we got ourselves a mod-on-mod dustup goin'! :ww:
    I'll start making popcorn--who's picking up the keg?


    (Carry on, my wayward sons...)

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    Re: Player Intros

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    Great ballplayer. I paid my money to watch him tackle, not to dance.

    Ray's dance was cute the first 25-30 times he did it. But it became artificial over the past decade. The Baltimore crowd gets "amped up" by the appearance of the team, not Ray's made-for-TV sideshow. In my opinion, the team running out behind the guys carrying the Ravens banner, the skyrockets, and the A-10s flying over the stadium generated as much or more crowd response as Ray's dance.
    As a season ticket holder since Day 1 ----- I Disagree 100%

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    Re: Player Intros

    Ray's intro and dance always fired up the crowd. You could feel the buzz leading up to kickoff. Suggs will be last on D games, maybe Webb before him. Thinking Rice maybe last on O games. Flacco isn't the attention getter.

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    Re: Player Intros

    If it's going to happen, its got to just happen naturally. I don't think anyone said Ray needs to do this, it just happened over 18 years.



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