Brian McFarland ‏@RavensSalaryCap 3m On base deal, Dumervil's Cap #'s will be $2.5M ('13),$3.375M ('14),$6.375M ('15),$6.375M ('16) & $7.375M ('17). Escalators will change that

Brian McFarland ‏@RavensSalaryCap 9m As reported, Dumervil's contract has a base value of $26M, but contains incentive and escalators that, if earned, could push total to $35M.

Brian McFarland ‏@RavensSalaryCap 12m Elvis Dumervil's contract has base salaries of $1M (in 13 & 14),$4M (in 15 & 16),$5M in 17. Received bonuses of $7.5M in 13 & $3.5M in '14