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    Re: OT: Ted Johnson and Vince Wilfork...

    Quote Originally Posted by esmd View Post
    Moronic question and an even more moronic answer, no matter what Mrs. Wilfork looks like.
    All kidding aside it is a pretty classless and hurtful thing to say about anyone even in a private setting. Saying it publicly makes it even worse. A normal person with a sense of compassion and class would have not even given that question any credibility let alone actually answer it. The guy is a jackass.
    A linebacker's job is to knock out running backs, to knock out receivers, to chase the football,
    -Ray Lewis

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    Re: OT: Ted Johnson and Vince Wilfork...

    It's a shame that we live in a society that continues to judge women based on their looks. Not everyone is going to be a beauty queen but I know alot of women who make up for it with their inner beauty, are wonderful wives and are deeply adored by their husbands. Some of you guys here making comments need to look in the mirror. I bet most of you aren't winning any contests anytime soon based on YOUR looks.

    It was an idiotic thing for Ted Johnson to say or even respond to. You don't publicly bash another guys wife...period. It was tasteless and low class.

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    Re: OT: Ted Johnson and Vince Wilfork...

    Quote Originally Posted by leachisabeast View Post
    If there was a group of guys that I'd never insult their wives, Wilfolk would definitely be in that group lol.
    +1 to this - Vince is a scary dude.

    Also worth noting - the Patriot's players' wives have had a bit of a "Real Housewives of the New England Patriots" kind of vibe the last couple of years, between Mrs. Brady's indignant proclamation that losing the superbowl wasnt HER husband's fault to Mrs. Welker making knowingly false and defamatory statements about Ray Lewis this year. Kudos to Mrs. Wilifork for taking the high road here and not making any kind of comment.


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